In the frame of GREEN PILGRIMAGE Project, Puglia Region completed the preparation of POLICY PEER REVIEW OF EUROPEAN NATIONAL AND REGIONAL POLICIES ON PILGRIMAGE ROUTES AND CULTURAL TRAILS, one of the main outputs foreseen by the project. Policy Peer Review and its Executive Summary are available on the official project website.

Review was designed with a twofold purpose. Firstly it aims at providing an overview of European and regional policies in support of cultural routes, with particular reference to long-distance pilgrimage routes and cultural trails. Secondly, through the development of three different but complementary Parts, the Review aims at providing inputs and inspiration to national and local public authorities addressing methods and models to develop cultural routes as opportunities to enhance natural and cultural heritage while exploiting their tourism potential. 

With this document, the partnership of the project also intends to highlight that the success of a pilgrimage route is strictly linked to the level of involvement and dialogue among local communities along the route and within each destination, taking into account at the same time the importance of national and regional policies on pilgrimage routes and cultural trails. A strong connection with the related policy level could provides opportunity for “glocal” development of area where pilgrimages path are situated at, where local and global are always interconnected. 

GREEN PILGRIMAGE is a project funded by the Interregional Cooperation Programme INTERREG EUROPE 2014/2020. The project has as strategic priority the study and analysis of the regional Policies of five European regions belonging to five nations (Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Romania and Italy) related to sustainable tourism and the enhancement of cultural and natural heritage as leverage for the growth of territories, with particular reference to the themes of the paths and pilgrimages.