The National Institute of Research and Development in Tourism - INCDT organized, with the support of the Suceava County Council and of the Ministry of Tourism, the Romanian Green Pilgrimage Study Visit.

The event took place between the 6th-9th of September, in Suceava county, and involved 35 participants.  The theme of this event was “Relation between tourism, religions and pilgrimage to stimulate and facilitate the dialogue among different civilizations and different faith groups" and aimed to identify and exchange good practices between partners and stakeholders involved in the project, thus fitting the first phase of the project. 

INCDT chose Suceava County as the venue for this event. This choice has been substantiated by the richness and value of the religious heritage in this area, the resources being in the process of touristic capitalization, but also by the existence of traditional pilgrimages here, involving various religious confessions and different ethnic groups. 

International Conference, with 3 sessions: 

  • Session 1: Introduction to religious tourism and pilgrimages 
  • Session 2: Good Practices in Romania
  • Session 3: External stakeholders’ presentations

Steering Committee and Study Visits


The purpose of the conference was to increase the information and awareness of the target group (ministries, regional and local public authorities, associations, and organizations with an active role in the development and promotion of religious tourism in Romania, universities, etc.) on the importance of pilgrimage tourism, and the regional economic impact of this form of tourism, as well as the importance of developing a pilgrimage route in the Bukovina region. 

Target group of the event: 

  • Partners in the Green Pilgrimage project and their stakeholders, to whom good practices in Romania will be presented;
  • Romanian stakeholders in the project, namely the representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, of the Suceava County Council, the Suceava County Mayors, the local churches, professional associations in the field of tourism, the Mountain Rescue County Service, "Ştefan cel Mare" University in Suceava, tourist information centres county, etc.

The conference was opened by Ms. Alina Cârlogea, INCDT, who welcomed all the partners and participants on behalf of the organizers. 

For a full report please see our Interreg library on this website.