Project good practices

Mònde - Film Festival on Cultural Routes

Summary: This film festival focuses on the themes of slow travel and journeys on foot along cultural routes, enhancing their narrative and tourism attractiveness

Location: Puglia, Italy (Italia)

Wye Pilgrims Festival

Summary: Pilgrimage themed Local Festival with multiple events promoting heritage, local produce, business and community involvement

Location: Kent, United Kingdom

North Downs Way National Trail Training Ambassador Scheme

Summary: Development of a training module for volunteers to deliver guided walks and other activities on and around the North Downs Way National Trail

Location: Kent, United Kingdom

Ales of the Trail - Local Beer, Fundraising and the North Downs...

Summary: The Ale of the Trail is a map linking local beer and cultural heritage with breweries on the North Downs Way National Trail.

Location: Kent, United Kingdom

Measuring the value of pilgrimage routes

Summary: Measuring the value of pilgrimage routes to individuals, the local community and wider provides evidence for fundraising and identifying improvements.

Location: East Anglia, United Kingdom

Inclusivity: Welcoming young pilgrims

Summary: The Anglican Shrine in Walsingham receives 20,000 visitors annually almost 3000 of which are young people welcomed through events designed specifically for them

Location: East Anglia, United Kingdom

Sustainability through local food from local people

Summary: A centre for pilgrimage in Norfolk, in Walsingham supports local employment and cuts food miles through its commitment to sourced products.

Location: East Anglia, United Kingdom

Selling Local Produce at a Pilgrim's Hostel

Summary: A pilgrim hostel on Norway's famous St. Olav Way pilgrim route to Trondheim is selling local produce to benefit community creativity and economy.

Location: Agder og Rogaland, Norway (Norge)

Cammino Maternao

Summary: This practice considers the creation of a cultural route in Puglia, italy through a bottom-up strategy and without significant public funds

Location: Puglia, Italy (Italia)

Trail maintenance

Summary: Funding and creating is one thing maintenance is another. Maintenance must be a part of the paln to develop a trail.

Location: Östra Mellansverige, Sweden (Sverige)

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