"Sustainable tourism connected to the integrated system of thematic routes in a macro-regional framework" is the theme of the conference which will be held on Friday 13 April in Bari, at the Fiera del Levante (Puglia Region Pavilion, Room 1, 9.00 am), as part of the scheduling of the events of the Adriatic Ionian Macro-region - Pillar IV Sustainable Tourism, during the Italian Presidency of the Adriatic Ionian Strategy and of the Ionian Adriatic Initiative.

Promoted by the Department of Tourism, Economy of Culture and enhancement of the Territory of the Puglia Region, the day will open a focus on the development of the thematic itineraries system (with greater emphasis on those based on tangible and intangible cultural heritage), highlighting in particular the paths recognized with the certification of the Council of Europe, also with a view to building new ones of a cultural, spiritual, historical-archaeological, naturalistic nature based on local identities. 

Starting from the national and regional strategies of sustainable tourism that identify priorities and common actions, also in relation to the Action Plan from the Adriatic-Ionian Macroregional Strategy (EUSAIR), the expected results will be the comparison and evaluation, in terms of the culture economy , the attractiveness of the existing routes and the exchange of good practices among the EUSAIR countries to find assonance and diversity.

Provisional agenda


09:30 – Institutional Greetings

 Municipality of Bari – Mr. Antonio Decaro, Mayor

 Presidency of the Council of Ministries – Mr. Nicola Favia

 Puglia Region – Mr. Michele Emiliano, President

 Puglia Region - International Policies Coordination – Mr. Bernardo Notarangelo, Director


10:00 Panel European and National Policies on Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Routes

 DG Regio - tbc

 MIBACT – Mr. Paolo Piacentini, Adviser of Minister

 Puglia Region - Department of Tourism, Economy of culture and Valorisation of Territory- Mr. Aldo Patruno,  Director

 Regional Agency for Public Property - Mr. Vincenzo Capobianco, Director

 European Institute of cultural routes – Ms. Barbara Toce, Council of Europe, Steering Committee Routes4u

 ……

11:30 Roundtable Cultural routes as Attractors for the sustainable development of territory

 Vie Francigene - Mr. Massimo Tedeschi, President of European Association of Vie Francigene

 Olive Tree Routes - Mrs. Margherita Bovicelli, Cultural foundation The Routes of the Olive Tree

 Phoenician’s Route - Mr. Antonio Barone, Director of International Confederation Phoenician’s Route

 Cammini Religiosi – Don Gionatan De Marco, Direttore Pastorale del Turismo CEI

 Slow tourism - Mrs. Tullia Caballero, SloWays Director

 ……..


14:30 Panel Best Practices EUSAIR Countries

 South cultural routes – Mrs. Gabriella Belviso, Puglia Region - Section Tourism Development

 Lighthouses route – Mr. Nicola Martinelli, Polytechnic of Bari

 Iter vitis Route - Mr. Calogero Imposimato

 ……

Conclusions: Puglia Region - Mrs. Loredana Capone, Councillor for Tourism and Culture