On the 20th of September 2019, University of Patras, the Lead partner, held the 6th stakeholder group meeting of the GPP4Growth project.

The meeting commenced with the welcome address from Professor Christos J. Bouras, professor in the Computer Engineering & Informatics Department and scientific coordinator of UPAT for GPP4Growth project who also made a brief presentation of the project outcomes so far.

Afterwards, Thomas Stavropoulos, PhD Lawyer in Public Law by the University of Athens and visiting Fellow of the Harvard University, stood on the podium and spoke about special legal issues of audit of bids in public contracts. Mr. Stavropoulos explained in detail the recent changes in the legal framework in public procurement as a result of the new law on PP passed in Greece (Ν. 4412/2016) and discussed whether things moved to the right direction or not.

Next, Mrs. Maria Diamantopoulou, head of the financial and fiscal control department of Region of Western Greece (UPAT’s policy instrument for GPP4Growth) gave a speech concerning GPP in the Region of Western Greece. The first part of her presentation included general information about GPP. The second part was about main initiatives in the Region of Western Greece that aim at energy savings and environmental protection.

The final speech was given by Vasileios Kokkinos, postdoctoral researcher and member of the GPP4Growth project team. The main focus of his presentation was the draft version of the action plan developed by the University of Patras as GPP4Growth partner. The presentation included a brief summary of the most important project deliverables (with direct URL links), a detailed explanation of why it is important for projects link GPP4Growth to have a Phase 2 and then, the speaker went on to present a summary of the draft version of the action plan that included 3 different actions.

An open discussion followed, coordinated by Professor Christos Bouras. The majority of the attendees engaged in a fruitful conversation, which revolved the new policies of the new regional authority in the region of Western Greece regarding the approach in the matter of GPP and the policy of the new government related to GPP.