Lodzkie Region organised on April 4th, the 5th Regional Meeting for Stakeholders. The meeting was attended by more than 90 representatives from public, private, as well as NGO sectors and very experienced speakers gave a big portion of GPP practical information for them:

- Mrs Iwona Kowalczyk from the Centre for Public Procurement and Public-Private Partnership/University of Lodz presented legal and formal aspects related to GPP, and

- Mr Marcin Skowron from the Polish Public Procurement Office (central government) delivered a presentation about the state of play in GPP area in Poland, based on the GPP monitoring system in Poland.

After the „theoretical” part of the meeting, the participants attended 3 workshops: related to the GPP in waste management (Mr Maciej Kowalczyk – Phenohorizon), GPP in Urban Infrastructure (Mrs Maria Herszel from the City of Lodz and Mrs Berenika Sikora from Lodzkie Region) and GPP in the organisation of the meetings, especially in catering (Mrs Monika Zielińska from Lodzkie Region), where they had the occassion to go deeper into those specific issues.

- The knowledge and examples of good practices provided during the event are particularly important and relevant in the context of the entry into force of new legislation at EU level: Directives of the European Parliament and of the Council on limiting the impact of certain plastic products on the environment on the basis of which Member States are to ban placing single-use plastic products on the market by 2021.

- Taking action by the Lodzkie Region give a ton for upcoming changes that can already be observed in Poland. The city of Wałbrzych is the first in Poland and one of the few cities in Europe that introduced a total ban on the use of disposable plastic packaging, dishes and cutlery in municipal institutions and at the events organized and co-financed by municipal authorities. As part of the campaign entitled "Plastic STOP" also planned actions encouraging residents to change their habits to become more ecological, and from the new school year all first-class students will get ecological drinks beverages from the city. The city of Krakow, on the other hand, introduced fees for plastic bottles.