The third stakeholder meeting for the GPP4Growth project took place on June 19th 2018 in Herselt, Belgium. For the organization the Province cooperated with ISB, bringing together public authorities, organisations and companies working with sport facilities, also ensuring that green public procurement is on their agenda.

Representatives of both public administrations and the private sector discussed green public procurement in their sector. In the light of the action plan to be developed, there was room for discussion on what is needed for an efficient strategy for GPP in Flanders.

After the welcoming speech and the and the opening lecture, attendants could pick three workshops of 1h15 to attend from a list including several GPP-oriented themes focusing on techniques to green your public procurement, starting from successful cases related to sport infrastructure such as energy-investments, roof utilisation, lighting and mobility: in the first session eg on environmentally friendly cleaning or on sustainable techniques in the building, in the second session lower energy bills in your buildings, energy measurement systems, mobility management and bikes and in session 3 on sustainable techniques or on feasibility research for solar panels on sport infrastructure financing and subsidies newest LED-lighting plans in sport infrastructure and optimal use of sport infrastructure roofs for energy. Workshops started with a presentation of an actual case of GPP and then there was time for reflection and discussion.

The accommodation where the event took place, Vrijetijds centrum De Mixx in Herselt in the south-east of the province, is a nice example of GPP. In a PPP-formula a multifunctional building was designed to harbour a lot of sport as well as social and recreational services of the municipality. The center was built in 2011 using sustainable techniques: heat pumps, air heat recovery, solar water heaters, building management systems, ... to create energy-efficient facilities. A tour of the building was part of the day.