DCCAE (Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment) organised on May16th, the 5th GPP4Growth Stakeholder meeting, focusing on Monitoring GPP and Action Plan Development. 

The first presentation was given by Bernie Kiely, Assistant Principal, DCCAE, who commenced the session with an overview of the project to date and an update in relation to GPP4 Growth progress. Bernie provided an overview of the importance ofPP and that how it is a key policy instrument to be levered in respect of a number of policy priorities at present, especially climate change. She identified the barriers and the ways that we have overcome them through the strength of support networks. She also identified that GPP is beginning to be included in climate action plans at Local Authority Levels. She advised also of the success of the Dutch Green Deal Project.

The second speaker was Martina Campbell of South Dublin County Council (SDCC) (presentation also uploaded to the project platform).  Martina advised that 73 tenders took place in 2018 within SDCC, with sustainability a core value. They have been able to promote GPP through training and the distribution of GPP4Growth policy briefs. She gave examples of tenders that have had GPP criteria. 

The third presentation was given by Irene Cadogan. This presentation was given under the title of GPP in Action.  During this presentation, Irene advised on the importance on implementing GPP and the vital role GPP will hold in the climate action plan. She discussed three different types of GPP and noted that often GPP was most likely present in a wider range of tender activities but the lack of monitoring is affecting our ability to understand the extent it is in practice in Ireland. The presentation also highlighted case studies both within Ireland and throughout partner countries. There was a specific focus on legal requirements and National and EU level in relation to tenders. Irene identified a number of requirements that are currently in existence. At the end of the presentation the attendees were asked to partake in an activity to identify if GPP is already present in procurement which is or has taken place in their organisation. 

Following a lunch break, the fourth a final presentation was presented by Irene Cadogan under the title of Action Plans. Irene advised attendees on how having an action plan for GPP can greatly improve the effectiveness of GPP implementation throughout organisations. The presentation also focused on monitoring and reporting of GPP and how these can help build a case for GPP whilst gathering support from Management. Upon conclusion of the presentation a sample Monitoring form was distributed to attendees. This was to indicate how to implement GPP into the tender reporting process.