The third stakeholder meeting for the GPP4Growth project took place on June 12th 2018 in the headquarters of the Ministry of Environment & Spatial Planning Regional Government of Andalusia in Seville. The number of registered attendees was 19 people from both public administrations and the private sector.

After a reception and coffe, the meeting began at 11:30 a.m. with a presentation on the progress of the project (e.g. main conclusions of the workshop in Bulgaria) to the Stakeholder Group (SG) by Mrs. María Briones, Chief of Communication and Documentation Service, of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning.

After this presentation, Mr. Roberto Galán, Professor of Administrative Law of the University of Seville and member of the García Oviedo University Research Institute (IUGO), focused his intervention on environmental criteria in the Law 9/2017 on Public Sector Contracts.

The SG was informed about the working progress of the technical recommendations that this Ministry is developing, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration and IUGO, for the preparation of contract documents (paper supplies for copies and graphic paper; reprography supplies, as well as the contracting of cleaning services and products).

In addition, the training course on “Environmental clauses in Green Public Procurement” was presented to the members of the SG by Mr. Alejandro Roman from the University of Seville. It is expected that this course, composed of 3 didactic units that have been developed by IUGO, can be completed in the coming months through the IAAP's online training platform. This training action will be part of the Interadministrative Plan, so it will be addressed to all personnel at the service of: The Autonomous Community of Andalusia, the State Administration in Andalusia, the Local Entities of Andalusia and the Andalusian Universities.

Finally, all participants were also asked to fill in evaluation form in which they evaluated the meeting and pointed out the issues needed to be discussed in the future.