The second Irish stakeholder meeting took the form of a workshop where attendees from a range of sectors worked on a number of activities to identify current barriers to increasing GPP, but also, to look at the potential ways that these could be overcome.
The workshop was then split into 3 sections which included activities to
1.    Identify barriers – and rank them
2.    Identify important conversations to be had to help overcome the barriers
3.    Pull out the key next steps that could help drive progress.

Attendees were clear that they understand that this is just the starting point for increasing GPP in Ireland and are very keen to see increased activity and support. There is a clear need to  reduce the multiple sources of ‘fear’ of implementing GPP within organisations through the promotion of case studies and the organisation of more activities which help take the mystery out of GPP and build confidence amongst practicitioners. There was also a clear need to identify procurement champions who could help build this confidence and demonstrate the benefits of GPP.
A final summary report for the stakeholders will be prepared and circulated in the next few weeks; this will be circulated to both the meeting participants and the wider GPP stakeholder network.