One of the factors that hinder the implementation of the GPP in general is lack of expertise in applying GPP criteria. For this reason, one of the activities carried out in Andalusia during the phase I of the project GPP4Growth was a training activity on the inclusion of environmental clauses in the different phases of contracting.

Given the high number of people involved in the preparation of public contracts, it was considered necessary to continue training during the phase II of the project, therefore this activity was included within our Action Plan. 

From May 2020 a new online edition of the training course is available in the platform of the body responsible for the training of civil servants in Andalusia. This modality will facilitate its dissemination and access for any interested public procurer, not only of the regional government but also aimed at local administrations.  

The course "Environmental Criteria in Public Procurement" lasts 25 hours and is composed of 3 didactic units developed within the framework of GPP4growth project: 

1. General aspects of administrative contracting

2. Environmental clauses in public procurement

3. Practical application of environmental considerations in public procurement