Project good practices

Energy efficient swimming pool in Stara Zagora

Summary: Reconstruction, modernization and application of energy efficiency measures for the building indoor swimming pool, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Location: Югоизточен, Bulgaria (България)

GPP for more more energy efficient ports

Summary: The PORT-PVEV aimed to demonstrate the feasibility of using electric mobility in operations associated with ports and port areas.

Location: Malta, Malta

GPP Training for Senior & Middle Managers in the Public Service

Summary: The GPP training for public officers offered by the Institute for Public Services aims to train public sector employees in the practical application of GPP.

Location: Malta, Malta

Electronic Tender System (ETS) of Latvia

Summary: The online tenders platform for Public Authorities in Latvia - The Electronic Tender System (ETS)

Location: Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)

Reconstruction increasing energy efficiency and purchase of...

Summary: Miezītes public library in Jelgava did an energy efficient renovation and purchased new furniture using green and environmentally friendly materials.

Location: Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)

The street lightning renovation in the Preiļi city

Summary: The renovation of the street lighting in Preili city, Latvia

Location: Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)

Procurement Policy Notes

Summary: The Procurement Policy Notes and Circulars issued by the Department of Contracts aim to provide clarity on various aspects of GPP

Location: Malta, Malta

GPP Consultation Sessions for Economic Operators

Summary: Consultation Sessions on revised GPP criteria were organised for economic operators by MEUSAC in collaboration with the MESDC.

Location: Malta, Malta

Refurbishing the ex-INPS building in Genoa (Italy)

Summary: Developing energy efficiency of public facilities and sustainability by employing green public procurement for renovation and construction services.

Location: Liguria, Italy (Italia)

Sustainable printing system services in Veneto (Italy)

Summary: The plan seeks to introduce a new “public purchase” approach, based on lifecycle assessment (LCA).

Location: Veneto, Italy (Italia)

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