Politicians and Technicians of the local and regional administration and representatives of Ribera Alta, have participated in the meeting organized by the Mancomunidad de la Ribera Alta to agree on the lines of action of the Action Plan to be implemented in phase 2.

The political representatives have expressed their interest in carrying out a tender for the collection of urban solid waste in a selective way, which consist of the door-to-door collection modality, in addition to the collection through containers, and in which the user has to sort the type of waste before depositing it. The tender will be conducted by introducing environmental criteria and in accordance with the provisions of Directive 2008/98/EC of 19 November on waste, which establishes a framework of medium- and long-term measures to meet the Commission's objective of transforming the European Union into a "circular economy", based on a recycling society, in order to reduce the production of waste and use it as a resource, promoting the adoption of measures that ensure the waste hierarchy, namely: prevention, reuse, separation at source, collection and recycling of waste. Following these decisions, a debate was opened on the rest of the content of the Action Plan which will contain, inter alia, the development of technical instructions on the environmental criteria to be introduced in the calls for tenders.