The 3rd GPP-Stream project Round Table organized by Gabrovo municipality had the objective to bring together representatives of all key participants (beneficiaries) of the GPP Action Plan from Gabrovo municipality and representatives of other local institutional stakeholders, to discuss the format of the Action Plan and priority actions for the next 2-3-year period.  

The participants got acquainted with a number of good practices in the field of GPP implemented or planned by GPP Stream project partners, and discussed their relevance and potential for transferability to their institutions as part of their work on GPP promotion. The structure of the GPP Action Plan and actions (e.g. responsible municipal levels, other partners/stakeholders, timeline, budget, impact monitoring) were presented to ensure consistency with the Action Plans as developed by all GPP-Stream partners.

Part of the roundtable involved also work on identifying and structuring in GPP Action Plan of Gabrovo Municipality along measures with specific actions. The participants identified measures in the fields of institutional capacity building and structured process for uptake of GPP more broadly by all municipal departments; communication needs (incl. Internal and external – with the general public, to achive desired awareness and change of habits and practice of purchasing and consumption); and outreach to businesses to promote greener technologies and practices in products/service delivery. The roundtable participants reinstated their commitment to continue collaboration on the GPP agenda and set out next steps in the course of discussing the GPP Action Plan draft in the first quarter of 2020.