After the presentation of GPP-Stream project in two regional events related to green public procurement, a stakeholder meeting was held in Udine on 28 November 2019.

More than 20 stakeholders, representing municipalities, public authorities and enterprises, divided in groups  answered to three question related to GPP,  asked by the project partner Fondazione Ecosistemi in the person of Dana Vocino:

• What obstacles have companies to overcome to make their products and services more sustainable from an environmental point of view and make them suitable for the Public Administration market?

• What are the difficulties of the public administration in the governance of the green public procurement policy? What are today's needs of public administration?

• What are the actions that must be realized in order to build a market of products and services with low environmental impact and efficient in terms of resources?

In conclusions, the focus groups underlined the need to reduce the obstacles for the implementation of GPP, like the costs of certifications and the difficulties related with the language and the norms of the minimum environmental criteria. Enterprises and public administrations stressed also the importance of a simplification process and of the presence of facilitators. All these inputs will be collected and reviewed for the action plan.

The next stakeholder meeting will be held on 16 January 2020