A Stakeholder meeting on the 4th of September 2019, held in Pazardzhik

Venue: Pazardzhik Municipality building


A stakeholder meeting was held in the building of Pazardzhik municipality on the 4th of September.

Mrs. Tatyana Kurtakova, an expert in Association CSEG, made a presentation of project GPP-STREAM – its aims, and main outputs which have to be developed. Mr. Simeonov presented the current state of the project, its achievements mainly related to the identified best GPP practices from project partners. The meeting was visited by local and regional stakeholders like: representatives of municipalities, regional environmental directorate, SMEs representatives, and NGOs which operate in the field of environmental initiatives.

The focus of the event was possible ways of “greening” the local public tenders and main challenges that local institutions need to face up in governing 

local by-laws and implementation of national acts. In this regard, Mrs Kurtakova announced that at the moment the consortium is working on the development of a GPP toolkit.

Topics such as GPP criteria and how to implement it successfully were further discussed. Some experts from the local administrations expressed their concerns on GPP policy framework at national and local level and initiated a discussion on how these issues could be overcome. First ideas of the measures which have to be integrated into the regional action plan have been pointed out by some participants