On 2 March 2020, 15.00-16.30 (CET), the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform will organise a webinar to highlight the opportunities that regions can create through the rehabilitation of landfills.

Recent estimates have shown that there are 500,000 landfills in the EU-28 countries and that the vast majority of these landfills are ‘non-sanitary’ landfills that are harmful to the environment, the climate and the health of Europe’s citizens. With landfill rehabilitation and remediation, however, opportunities can be created such as regaining land and resources for new use.  

This webinar offers local and regional policy makers and waste management experts insights into sustainable waste and landfill management illustrated with the help of three good practices regaining land for housing and nature parks, landfill mining and the use of landfill gas to run local buses or waste trucks. You will have the opportunity to engage in questions and discussion with those who have implemented them.