As regulations evolve, it is sometimes difficult for communities to orient themselves and operate fully the tools available to consider sustainable development and the circular economy in their purchases. However, by 2020, 100% of markets will have to be analyzed from the perspective of sustainable development: 25% must include at least one social provision and 30% an environmental provision.

What is the situation today? What do these definitions and objectives mean in practice?

What do these commitments imply within organizations? How to act at its level? By what means?

As part of the European GGP Stream project, AURA-EE is organizing an information and training day on the sustainable public procurement.



- Better understand the National Action Plan for Sustainable Public Procurement (PNAAPD)

- Learn about the state of the art in sustainable purchasing

- Train in good practices for awarding contracts at least in accordance with regulations

- Prepare and anticipate future regulatory developments for the most advanced

- Test its sustainable public procurement strategy

- Identify and clarify its needs, exchange with neighbouring territories and act as a network

AGENDA of the event