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GOCORE pressure cooker in Trento (Italy)

Policy governance
25 - 26 Oct 2023
Clock 08 : 45 - 18 : 00 CEST
Location In person | Trento, Italy
By Project GOCORE
GOCORE pressure cooker in Trento

On the 25 and 26 of October will be held in Trento (Italy) the 1st GOCORE Pressure Cooker Event, hosted by the Trentino Federation of Cooperation.

During the event two parallel sessions will be held, one devoted to the peer review and another to a 2-day seminar (focused on the interchange of best practices). Participants will have the chance to get to know the regional cooperative system (especially relevant inter-cooperation projects and social innovations), the social and solidarity economy districts of the Province of Trento, some self-government instruments and the social economy actors, who through their collaboration and the bottom-up networks are making our communities more resilient to social, economic and environmental changes.