9:30 Welcome!

Entering our virtual conference room, technical tests, have a coffee together and introducing participants.

10:00 Complementary currencies and commercial credit circuits

How about complementary currencies? Where do they come from and where we can find them in Europe? How a commercial credit circuit works, what are the basic principles and what are the benefits for SMEs? How transactions work in a commercial credit circuit. A successful experience in Italy

Giuseppe Littera, Liberex.net

How a SME can participate and take benefits in a commercial credit circuit? What is the relation with a complementary currency system? Is the circuit really effective for developing the business or for overcome periods of economic crisis?



11:30 Smart communities

What are the basic principles under the concept of “smart community” and what are the basics of their business models? What are some typical applications and objectives of a smart community and what are the participating actors? What are the main elements and technological applications combined together (blockchain, electronic wallet, rewards, etc.)? How to design and implement a smart community project? How to maintain it sustainable and effective over time?

Gianluca Cristoforetti, innovation consultant at GFT; expert on blockchain and B2B platforms

Designing and evaluating new services, as well as an innovative business model applying the concepts of smart community. A case study

Luca Moschini, scientific manager at Smart C.H.A.I.N.-Smart community holidays adaptable innovative network 4


13:00 End