SPEED UP Programme is a training and mentoring programme created to offer a “reinvention opportunity” to professional profiles whose professional activity has been developed in sectors in crisis.

One of the main sectors hit by the crisis was the construction sector, having been one of the most important economic engines of the Region of Murcia (and Spain).Construction sector counted with a wide variety of high-skilled professionals (architects, engineers, economists ...). 

SPEED UP Program is part of a Plan to support Entrepreneurs launched during the crisis in 2009-2013, with the objective of boosting regional business sector through the promotion and support of entrepreneurial initiatives. 

In the Programme, there are three different axes:  

 Promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit in society

 Support for the creation and consolidation of companies

 Coordination of the entrepreneur support system

The final objective is not only the creation of companies but mainly increase the capacity building of professionals with skills and contacts to “re-skill” and “up-skill” them for their professional lives.  

Participants attend both group and individual sessions, receiving training in entrepreneurial skills (teamwork, motivation ...), they learn business model design methodologies, benchmarking and get in touch with the stakeholders involved in the regional entrepreneurship ecosystem (BICs, Business Angels, Scientific Park…). 

SPEED UP Programme is managed by the Regional Development Agency of Murcia Region and the regional professional colleagues/clubs since 2014. 

In this year is the seventh call for the SpeedUp program, a benchmark for entrepreneurship in the Murcia Region. It consists of a combination of training, mentoring and acceleration, to develop and drive innovative and scalable business ideas. 

The main novelty of this new edition of SpeedUp is that each entrepreneurial project will form a team and have the support of an agent responsible for entrepreneurship from a collaborating agency of the CiEMP Strategy throughout the program. This program is co-financed with European FEDER Funds and is part of the CiEMP 2018-2021 Strategy for promoting entrepreneurship coordinated by Regional Development Agency of Murcia Region. 


Specialized training in four essential fields for analyzing the viability of a business idea: 

 Design of business models.

 Economic and financial analysis.

 Marketing plans.

 Communication

Peer training. The 20 entrepreneurs will form teams with 20 other entrepreneurs, and will generate group work classrooms to collaborate in the design and promotion of business ideas. Therefore, there are two types of participants.

 Entrepreneurs

 Agents of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Individualized mentoring between ecosystem agents and entrepreneurs. Individual meetings for the development of business ideas.