In a great example of business resilience, a Lithuanian firm is working on a prototype robot that can help disinfect spaces that are crucial to keep clean in the fight against covid-19.

Rubedo Sistemos, a Kaunas-based robotics firm, says the robot does not yet have a name and the prototype's appearance is not quite market-ready. It so far looks like “a box on wheels,” says the firm's business development manager Paulius Rakauskas.

“It's a mobile platform with wheels. Mounted on the platform is a box with a disinfection device and containers for the disinfecting liquid,” Rakauskas describes the product. 

In the time of the coronavirus, the Lithuanian invention can help disinfect crucial spaces – like hospitals or train stations – without exposing people to infections. 

“A person who disinfects a room can get infected with viruses or bacteria. We wanted to avoid that,” Rakauskas says. “At the same time, it will free up people, especially in hospitals where resources are scarce as it is.”