Maramures County Council organized a new meeting with local stakeholders of the FoodChains 4 Europe project, on Thursday, 17th of December 2020. The project team, together with small local producers and representatives of food sector’s institutions, met to review the activities carried out within the phase I of the FC4EU project, between 2017-2019, in order to support local products and producers to create a sustainable food chain in Maramures county.

On the occasion of this meeting, the local experts presented the Action Plan "Development of chains of producers in the food industry in Maramures County" that will be implemented in the second phase of the project, between 2020-2021. The activities envisaged in the Action Plan will contribute to the sustainable innovation of the food chain in Maramures County and will be carried out through the Association "Bun de Maramures", which was established in November 2019, with the support of the Maramures County Council. 

The Action Plan has drawn up by the Maramures County Council within the FoodChains 4 Europe Project, with the purpose to introduce the "Good of Maramures" labelling system for the most representative local products.

"Bun de Maramureș" – “Good of Maramures” brand is a registered mark at OSIM – the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks and will be managed by "Good of Maramures" Association.

The founding members of “Good of Maramures” Association are local factors who have experience and expertise in the food sector and in the entrepreneurial field: MARA-NATUR MICROREGIONAL ASSOCIATION (LAG) Baia Sprie, NEW NOVOTEK LTD and FEDERATION OF AGRICULTURE PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION - A.P.A. TRANSYLVANIA.   

"Bun de Maramureș" – “Good of Maramures” label is intended to be a guarantee offered by the Maramures County Council regarding the potential of a product to be representative for Maramures county. The products that are realized by exploiting local resource, having a traditional recipe and / or using a traditional technique or an innovative one, but related to the specific of Maramures, are considered. "Bun de Maramureș" – “Good of Maramures” label will also represent an alternative and an opportunity for local food producers that do not have the "Traditional Product" certificate, to be recognized as exponents of traditional food from Maramures, based on local recipes and materials. 

During the meeting, the participants discussed about the licensing system for the “Good of Maramures” label, pointing out specific issues related to the small producers as part of Maramures food chain. Further aspects on the licensing methodology and criteria for the “Good of Maramures” label will be discussed during the stakeholders meetings that will be organized in 2020 by “Good of Maramures” Association, with the involvement of Maramures County Council and stakeholders who activate in different components of Maramures food chain. 

Details: Maramures County Council website