The partners of Food Chains 4 Europe prepared their actions plans that will enables the businesses to deliver sustainable innovations in the food chains of the 5 project regions: Greater Manchester - UK, Varna - BG, Flevoland - NL, Maramures - RO and Emilia-Romagna - IT.

The 5 regional action plans will be developed by the end of phase one (31 December 2019) and will be implemented during the phase 2 of the FC4EU project, within the period 2020-2021.

1. Greater Manchester (UK) - the regional action plan includes 3 actions: 

  • Creating strategic leadership in the region; 
  • Strengthening the business support about sustainability issued in the food and drink sector; 
  • Establishing a food innovation and enterprise funds in Oldham that’s support the Northern Roots project.  

2. Varna (BG) - the regional action plans envisions 2 actions:  

  • Creating an infrastructure for delivery of services for improved R&D and innovation implementation in food chain companies; 
  • Developing an university-business open collaboration platform for food quality, safety and R&D commercialization.

3. Flevoland (NL) - the regional action plan refers to: 

  • Supporting regional food SME`s whereby a tool-kit will be developed and the existing short food chain network will be strengthened and structured; 
  • Regional supplying of Flevoland food products in three different settings (music festival Lowlands, Floriade Expo 2022 and the metropolitan region of Amsterdam). 

4. Maramures (RO) - the regional action plan is focused on the ”Good of Maramures” initiative: 

  • Development of the ‘Good of Maramures’ Association that will manage the trademark ‘Good of Maramures’; 
  • The food chain innovation and technological dissemination in Maramures County.

5. Emilia-Romagna (IT) - the regional action plan is related to:

  • Improving the monitoring and follow up of project results in the packaging sector; 
  • Creating a sustainable food packaging platform.