The 5th Monitoring Board meeting was organized on Thursday, 14 February 2019, during the Peer Review in the Emilia-Romagna Region. Senior representatives and politicians of the FoodChains 4 EU project met in order to inform each other about their progress and discuss further activities.

First achievements of the project
The project partner Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council informed the partnership about the Greater Manchester approach which was supported by the outcomes and recommendations of the first peer review. They announced that through the FoodChains 4 EU project they now have food on the agenda and the Greater Manchester Food Strategy will be published in summer 2019. The Bulgarian project partners shared that an association between the University of Food Technology and food businesses was established in order to collect needs of producers and support them with innovation and research. A regional policy focusing on food is developed and adopted by the Province of Flevoland. It includes an implementation of a living lab on short and regional food supply chains.

From exchange of experience towards action plans
This Monitoring Board meeting was hold during the fifth and last Peer Review. The project partners valued the exchange of experiences and good practices highly as well as the recommendations given by the Peer Review team. The next semesters will be dominated by the development of the regional action plans.

The project partners look back on an informative and fruitful 5th Monitoring Board meeting. All representatives emphasized the value of the FoodChains 4 Europe project as an enhancer for their regional food system. The partnership is excited to start the development of regional action plans and look forward to the next phase to transform learnings into action.