On October 11th was the second edition of the Flevo Food Tour. During this FoodChains 4 EU stakeholder meeting, organized by Flevo Food Association, food entrepreneurs visit and learn from each other. This time the theme was: what will we eat in 2050?

Bio Brass, a company growing organic vegetables, showed how they work on the best possible way to join consumer needs to cooperating farmers, shortening the food chain and circular production.
At ERF the participants learned more about the experiments on strips cultivation of different crops in combination with trees (agroforestry).
Aquagrow, one of the largest aquaponics companies, grow lettuce on nutrient ridge water from fish cultivation. Another example of circularity was given by BioSpirits. Here the participants discussed the possibility of using Flevoland waste in the distilled beverage production process. This video is an impression of  the Tour.

Municipality of Almere new member
Almere joined the Flevo Food Association. As alderman Loes Ypma stated: “It’s important to work together as food is becoming a more and more important metropolitan issue. With an increase of people living in cities, it’s harder to get sufficient healthy and local food. This is why ‘Feeding the city’is one of the main themes of Expo Floriade Amsterdam – Almere in 2022. We want to stimulate people to buy healthy products form local suppliers”.

The Flevo Food Association wants to support Almere in achieving their goal to realize by 2020 that 20% of consumed food is regionally produced.
The Association sees this as an impulse on working together with members and Food Chains 4 EU partners on decreasing food mileage, more regional processing and marketing, shortening the food chain and connecting people to regional food.

Flevo Food Association
Entrepreneurs working in agriculture, processing, logistics, trade, catering and retail are joined together to meet to learn and discuss ways of stimulating regional food consumption. They work on a regional food brand and on a joined logistic network. Also the organization of meetings and events like Flevo Food Tour are important to learn form each other.