Maramures County Council hosted a Peer Review within the FoodChains 4 EU Project, during 5th – 9th November 2018, to evaluate the local food chains.

Twenty food specialists of the project partner regions from NL, BG, IT and UK analyzed the food chain in Maramures County, focusing on three local important topics:

  1. Identification of local products representative for Maramures with market potential and methods to support the local traditional producers;
  2. Innovative models of food business association and mechanisms to support them;
  3. Innovative methods of selling and packaging food, including traditional ones.

International experts participated in seminars, visits and working meetings with representative producers, specialists and local and regional stakeholders interested in promoting local and traditional products.

Based on the Peer Review team recommendations, the Maramures County Council will draw up an action plan that will include the introduction of a labelling system for local products, called "Bun de Maramures" - "Good of Maramures".