Emilia-Romagna Region (IT) – Directorate-General for Agriculture, Hunting and Fisheries is the regional public Authority charged of programming, coordination and managing the activities aimed to support to Agricultural holdings and Agro-food regional System, Rural territory planning, Livestock Production, Crops Production, Quality systems and market relationships, Marketing, Plant Protection, Hunting, Fishing economy. The regional units lead programming, guidance and monitoring activities as well as managing the strategic programs.

The most important field of intervention related and synergic to the items of the project is that concerning the implementation of the Rural Regional Development Plan 2014 – 2020 as Managing Authority (EC Reg. n. 1305/2013), the Regional Law n. 28/1998 concerning the support to Innovation, Research and Dissemination of the related results and the Quality policy related to the IG European regulations.

The Regional government has a strong ability and mobilization of endogenous potentials being undertaken to lead on a wide promotional activity about the agro-food knowledge. It manages relations with Institutions at European, National and Local level. It adopts Laws, Programs and Directive – including the fields related to the project activities - and has a role of guidance toward the local authorities and stakeholders.

The Directorate contributes to the content of the cooperation giving available a wide number of tested best practice in the field of the project objectives. The project results will be useful in order to enhance the relationships between local actors, public authorities, population and holdings and with the aim of innovate the regional policy in the field of the project. Specific legislation about Research, Innovation and Quality systems related with sustainable agriculture (integrate production) and legislation/private initiatives to improve market relationships are also developed.


Contact :

Emilia-Romagna Region - Directorate General for Agriculture Hunting and Fisheries 

Viale della Fiera, 8 , Bologna , 40127 , Italy (Italia)