The Food Processing Industry Magazine as part of their annual National Contest “Prize Pack” organized the conference “Modern Trends and New Technology Solutions in Food and Beverage packaging” 2017,  in Sofia (Bulgaria). More than 50 participants, representatives of Universities, Ministries and the business discussed the latest trends in food and beverage packaging.

The Bulgarian partners made sure that Food Chains 4 EU project was presented to the participants by disseminating brochures and information about the project.

Bulgaria is going to change the Food Law introducing more strict control over complete Food Chain from the farmer to the processor, the distributor and the means of food transport, announced representatives of Agri and Food Ministry and the Agency for Food Control. Special attention was given to the needs for innovation in packaging materials both from point of view of food safety and possibilities for packaging recycling. Catering industry is a rapidly growing market and requires novel food packaging technologies following the consumer’s desire for convenient, ready to eat, testy and mild processed food products with maintained quality. The Bulgarian producers are still lacking behind in introduction of innovation in this field and efforts should be put to support collaboration between science and business for meeting the demand for more convenient and high quality recyclable catering industry packaging.