The Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of EU organised a Flagship Conference dedicated to Research and Innovation (R&I) as a driver of sustainable food systems transformation. Such a transformation requires a new way of doing science, research and innovation that puts the food system at the centre. This is a means to ensure food and nutrition security in a changing world and the combined pressures of climate change, resource scarcity, biodiversity decline, malnutrition, shifting demographics and migration. The systemic approach, as called for by FOOD 2030, requires linking land and sea; connecting producers to consumers – and back, in order to achieve four overarching priorities: nutrition for healthy and sustainable diets, climate and environmental sustainability, circularity and resource efficiency, innovation and empowering communities.

During this event an update of the FOOD 2030 process and vision towards shaping tomorrow’s food and nutrition systems was presented.

The event provided a platform for dialogue, feedback and recommendations towards:

• Understanding the complexity of food systems and the implications for R&I

• Building R&I ecosystems and place-based solutions to support food systems transformation

• Strengthening R&I alignment and investments through better governance

• Boosting future investments in R&I in Europe, leveraging private investments and increasing synergies with public funding

• Identifying how, who and what R&I is needed to transform our food systems


Professor Mollov and Professor Alexieva from University of Food Technologies – partner in FoodChain 4 EU presented the project during the Conference.