International peer review experts are expected between the 14th -18th of May 2018 to tackle issues related to the needed support for commercialization of innovative products along the food chain for Sofia and Plovdiv region.

The hosts – European Perspective Foundation from Sofia and the University of Food Technology from Plovdiv are expecting international expertize on issues related to innovation on the food chain and good practice examples related to food waste.

In Bulgaria, one of the existing frameworks for support of innovation in food chain is IS3 (Smart Specialization Strategy) and OP Innovation and Competitiveness 2014-2020.

In this context, the peer reviewers are expected to examine and answer several questions raised by the hosts, like:

- How this existing framework can be used as a policy basis for support of commercialization of innovative products along the food chain,

- Trying to identify potential business models for partnerships and coordination, and recommend practical steps, which can be taken to reduce the food waste in the food chain.

Expectations are high: informing and influencing regional innovation policy, how to successfully commercialese innovative products, help communicate best practice across the region, how to inspire collaboration among food producers/community groups/businesses.

Although each region focuses on specific themes, after the first peer review that took place in Manchester, some preliminary conclusions can be drawn concerning the similarities in the expectations raised by each region under evaluation. It is a clear sign the focus of our project and its international consortium are on the right path towards the fulfillment of our objectives.