FIRESPOL has participated in this international event that took place from 20 to 22 November in Split and Hvar (Croatia).  The “Clean energy for EU islands initiative” was launched in May 2017 and provides a long-term framework to help islands generate their own sustainable, low-cost energy. 

The FIRESPOL project manager for Croatia, Suada Mustajbegović, participated in the conference at which she presented the FIRESPOL project. 

The objective of this forum is to highlight the efforts and the potential of islands to generate energy from renewable sources. Regarding this, they should be stepped up to achieve greater energy independence and take advantage of the number of sunny days in this Croatian region.

"It is a fact that Croatia generates an 28% of energy from renewable sources and the country has achieved the 2020 goal, but there is still plenty of leeway to improve on and reach the objectives set out in the European Energy Package. Most of our achievements were reached due to hydropower potential, but in the future Croatia should put more focus on other potential they have available; such as the sun, the wind, the biomass, and even wave energy", said Suada Mustajbegovic from the EPEEF.

For further information of the event you can visit this feature:  Slobodna Dalmacija