The event was an opportunity to talk not only about the direction of development of Polish photovoltaics, but also to exchange experiences on the Renewable Energy Sources industry. The participants focused on key questions like:

  • What changes have occurred in recent years?
  • What are the prospects for future development of the PV industry?

The Solar Energy Congress combined classic exhibitions with presentations of the current offer of numerous exhibitors, discussion panels and lectures on the potential of solar energy in Poland, solar energy in renewable energy auctions and optimization of energy prices for industry.

The Congress was attended by nearly 300 participants, including investors and contractors of the largest PV farms in Poland. Direct contact with industry representatives was provided by a series of specialized workshops, during which the role of energy storage at PV installations was discussed, and the innovative Norwegian technology "Clean and green" was presented. Closer business contacts were facilitated by B2B sessions, allowing for efficient initial negotiations with current and potential business partners.