FIRESPOL (Financial Instruments for Renewable Energy Investment) Stakeholder Consultations were held on September the 24th at the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, regarding the activities that will be an integral part of the future Action Plan.

Participants in the consultations included the representatives of different Croatian institutions, companies, and banks, in order to define as efficient as possible solutions that are applicable in Croatia, with a view to increasing the use of renewable energy sources (RES). Good practice examples from the participants in FIRESPOL were reviewed and efforts made to establish which of the implemented examples are applicable in Croatia to promote investments in RES projects. 

Innovative financial instruments have been presented, such as community projects, green bonds, pension funds’ investments, etc. 

The FIRESPOL Project Manager in Croatia, Suada Mustajbegović, pointed out the importance of stakeholder consultations in the exploring the possibilities for financing RES projects, as well as creating priority measures for the upcoming programming period 2021–2027. 

“We believe that together, through dialogue and sharing experience and opinions, we can come to valuable conclusions that will bring benefits to the local community, entrepreneurship, and society in general,” concluded Ms Mustajbegović at the ending of consultations. 

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund is the authority responsible for project implementation in Croatia, while Spain is the Team Leader. Other partner countries are Germany, Latvia, Ireland and Poland. The FIRESPOL Project started in June 2018 and will continue until 2022.