The first local stakeholder meeting related to the EU-project Firespol took place in Hessen, Germany in November 2018. It became apparent that the implementation of RES projects in Hessen is not hindered by a lack of capital or financial resources but by various other issues. Basically, the filling of application forms, the allocation and usage of subsidies were explained to be complicated and longsome. Access to funding and financing are also hampered, because information on financial instruments is missing. Therefore, some RES projects failed in the past.

To overcome these obstacles, we install a learning process among our stakeholders. For that, we will present and discuss the identified best practices on financial instruments for renewable energy investment at our second stakeholder meeting end of March. Three to four speakers will personally introduce their best practices focussing on financial instruments and their challenges during project realization. Other best practices will be shown in a small exhibition.

This generated exchange of experiences as well as the learning processes shall support our stakeholder with further acquisition of funds and financing resources and thus facilitate an upgrade of RES in Hessen and throughout Germany. We will please our stakeholder for early input of their expectations and suggestions for the Hessian action plan immediately.

Finally we are looking forward to a vivid interchange at our second stakeholder meeting at the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Wiesbaden -capital of Hessen- in March.

Further information on the project partner HA Hessen Agentur / LEA are available here (only in German language).