The second Interregional Event of Interreg Europe FIRESPOL project was held in Lublin on 16-17 January. It was organised by the FIRESPOL project partner – Lubelskie Voivodeship. 

The first day of the event was dedicated to the Steering Committee and to the Good Practice Workshop. The meeting gathered representatives of project partners with their stakeholders as well as regional stakeholders from Lubelskie Region.  

During the workshop participants focused on analysis of study cases of Renewable Energy Sources investments where financial instruments was implemented. Each project partner had opportunity to present his best practices and to exchange experiences in this field.

The next day partners took part in the study visit in the energy cluster Zielawa Valley. The Zielawa Valley is a partnership of several local municipalities established in order to cut pollution by increasing the share of renewable energy used in electricity production.

The mayor of Wisznice Commune presented the concept of the Zielawa Valley and their activities energy production from renewable energy resource. In 2018 energy cluster Zielawa Valley gained a Certificate of Pilot Energy Cluster awarded by the Polish Ministry of Energy. The cluster takes care of the environment protection, sustainable development and local energy security.


Picture by UG Wisznice

One of the main achievement of the Zielawa Valley was the construction of the photovoltaic farm with the capacity to generate 1.4 megawatts (MW) of power at any one time. Currently, this is the biggest solar farm in Lubelskie Region.

The Interregional Event in Lublin ended with the site visit on the photovoltaic farm.

Picture by UG Wisznice