AGENEX coordinates the European initiative Firespol, Financial Instruments for Renewable Energy Sources, through which new public and private financing channels will be designed for the development of renewable energy projects.

The recent economic crisis and the restriction of the deficit in the European countries makes necessary to find "new instruments that allow to finance the investments in renewable energies and, in this way, to reach the objectives of the EU for 2030". 

The "main challenge" for this period (2014-2020) and for the next is the use of the European Structural and Investment Funds, especially the ERDF, in the generation of new financial instruments, especially when the regions try to combine these financial instruments with EU funding initiatives or public-private partnerships. 

FIRESPOL kick off meeting was held last July in Extremadura, in the first interregional event of the project. It has counted with the participation of the consortium members participating in the initiative, from Spain, Poland, Latvia, Ireland, Germany and Croatia, as well as banking entities and promoters of renewable energies, who, as stakeholders of the project, have offered their vision on the financing of renewable energies.