FINERPOL has managed to convince the policy makers in Extremadura to get an improvement of the policies related to the renovation of buildings.

AGENEX, lead partner of FINERPOL project, has defended the modification of the Feder Extremadura Operational Program to include an innovative financial instrument of 5 million euros for energy rehabilitation of buildings. This change includes a modification in the strategic focus of the OP, so that a part (as far as possible) of the budget is transferred to the Financial Instruments. 

With this new financing line, some financial instruments will be designed for the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy in construction, with the collaboration of local banks and public administration. This will allow the introduction of Structural Funds in the promotion of energy projects.

FINERPOL is also advising the regional administration in the change of the Operational Program to include the possibility of using FEDER funds through Instruments Financial and not only through subsidies as it is included in the current Operational Program.

More than 50 representatives of the national management authority, European commission and regional management authority met in Mérida to follow up on the Federal Extremadura operational program.

To make this change, it is necessary to make a reprogramming proposal, which Agenex is developing.

That is why The Extremadura Energy Agency defended in the Monitoring Committee of the Operational Program the proposal to include the use of Financial Instruments in the Operational Program as well as the proposal of a Guarantee Fund for energy rehabilitation of buildings that will be created within the framework of the project HOUSEENVEST (Program H2020).