Thanks to the work done so far in the selection of Best Practices, the Autonomous Province of Trento has contacted other territories that are addressing the issue of financing energy efficiency.

Among them, the Piedmont Region, responsible for 2020TOGETHER, is currently the main partner of the PEACE_Alps project (awarded in the Interreg Alpine Space Program), specifically aimed at promoting capacity development activities in financial approaches for energy renovation of buildings and lighting public.

Within the framework of PEACE_Alps activities, FINERPOL has been chosen as an associated project for a bilateral exchange program that also involves the Liguria Region, which is responsible for EnerSHIFT (another of the BPs compiled by PAT). This peer learning initiative will consist of three meetings that will take place from April to June in each territory involved (one per month), in three different topics, namely: "Energy renovation through energy performance contracts", "Energy management" and "Energy planning". 

In addition to FINERPOL, we are talking about 2020TOGETHER, EnerSHIFT, PROSPER, GE-NIUS, PREPAIR and PEACE_Alps.