The Extremadura Energy Agency (Agenex), lead partner of Finerpol project, will coordinate the European initiative FIRESPOL "Financial Instruments for Renewable Energy Sources", through which new public and private financing channels will be designed for the development of renewable energy projects.

In FIRESPOL "Financial Instruments for Renewable Energy Sources", six representatives of national and regional governments will participate, which in the next two years will have to identify the best financial models existing at an international level, to subsequently implement pilot actions for the financing of renewable energies.

AGENEX technicians have participated in the Experience Fair seminar, an international event organized by the Interreg Europe program, which has gathered in Sofia (Bulgaria) all the European projects that are part of the program, representatives of Ministries , Regions and Local Entities, as well as new initiatives approved in order to prepare the launch of this and other initiatives approved by the Program.

Interreg Europe seeks to increase efficiency in the use of public funds, especially the Structural Funds of the Community budget, which is why it finances initiatives that want to increase the economic and social impacts of the European budget.

With the aim of improving the impact of public funds managed by Extremadura, AGENEX currently coordinates three initiatives of this Program, which have been selected from more than 750 proposals, as well as participating in 3 other initiatives as a partner.

These six initiatives focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility, with funding being a key issue that is already addressed in the FIRESPOL and FINERPOL initiatives (Financial Instruments for energy rehabilitation of buildings).