Since the FINERPOL project began in 2016 to the present, it has been gaining experience in innovative financing models for the energy rehabilitation of buildings, which have allowed the partners to define a new financing scheme.

The exchanges of experiences carried out within the framework of the Finerpol project through interregional events in countries such as the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Estonia and the United Kingdom have meant a continuous learning that is being done in Europe, as well as in the combined use of European funds.

The use of new financial instruments for energy renovation of public or private buildings is becoming increasingly interesting. In this sense, Finerpol has participated as a reference in more than 30 events.

In what events have we talked about energy financing?

The Extremadura Energy Agency, in collaboration with the Directorate General of Architecture of the Junta de Extremadura, organized at FICON (Iberian Construction Fair) a roundtable discussion on "The model of energy services in the integral rehabilitation of buildings".

EU Financial Instruments roundtable in Seville where two focus group about how to use financial instruments to support energy efficiency in public buildings, public infrastructure and residential sector.

Current situation and evolution of initiatives and financing programs to improve energy efficiency and presentation on the combination of European funds for financing rehabilitation.

The Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences (TEIWM) briefly presented the FINERPOL project at the IEEE ELECO 2017, the 10th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, at Bursa, Turkey.

The Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences (TEIWM) was invited to present the FINERPOL project and relative good practices at the 4th International ASHRAE Conference “Energy in Buildings –Northern Hellas 2017”.