On March 22, a Workshop - organized by the Green Building Council, in collaboration with Triodos Bank, on the definition of a standardized European mortgage for energy efficiency - will take place in Madrid.

This event is part of a cycle of workshops that will take place in 10 European countries to communicate the Green Energy Efficiency Mortgage Project, EeMap.

The growing interest in financing energy efficiency that, for different reasons, governments at all levels, the regulator, investors, financial intermediaries and users have, is the reason why this workshop has been organized.

The financing of energy efficiency is a relatively new area in the financial world, with general difficulties and peculiarities that add special complexity in the case of building, characterized by small interventions of very different types.


The workshop will be articulated in two different times. In the morning there will be a day open to the public in which a review of the main circumstances in the field of energy efficiency mortgage in a broad financial framework, addressing the reasons why the money world may be interested in the energy efficiency.

In the afternoon there will be a Workshop, in which in a debate process will try to define the characteristics of a viable energy efficiency mortgage in Spain, and how it should evolve in the future taking into account all the variables.

One of the hypotheses is that a house with high energy efficiency should lead to a lower monthly expenditure, which should reduce the risk of default, but it is necessary to introduce procedures that allow knowing and classifying the risk.

Issues related to how to assess this risk will be raised.

Another essential aspect is the value of efficient real estate, both in terms of pricing and future development. Is only energy important or are there other aspects to consider? The debate on these questions will be the main focus of the workshop.

The Finerpol project has been invited to this Workshop as an initiative of reference in the national and EU panorama, which can contribute its vision from the experience of financing analysis in energy renovation of buildings.