The Finerpol Project, financial instruments for energy renovation, was invited to the last day of the Interregional Seminar of Support Project held at the Palace of the Marquises of La Algaba in Seville on March 16.

The event, which brought together participants from eleven countries of the European Union, had as its main objective to address low-carbon economy strategies aimed at municipalities.

Agenex, lead partner of the Finerpol project, made a presentation on Financial instruments for energy efficiency schemes with EU participation created to provide finance on a complementary basis from the Union budget to address EE policy objectives of the Union

After that led two focus group about how to use financial instruments to support energy efficiency in public buildings, public infrastructure and residential sector.  During the roundtable, experiences and opinions were shared on the use of financial instruments and on what measures should be considered for the renovation of public and private buildings. For most of the participants, the most used are grants or loans. 

The Support project aims to support local governments in the implementation of low carbon economy strategies. To this end, it has launched a series of actions aimed at municipalities that will be capitalized in the form of guidelines and submitted to the authorities responsible for managing the European Funds.

The seminar was held over 4 days (from March 13 to 16) and stakeholders and project partners participated: IRENA (Istrian Regional Energy Agency), Center for Monitoring Business Activities in the Enegy Sector and Investment, Metropolitan City of Capital Rome, Climate Alliance Italy, Gozo Regional Committee-Gozo Development Agency (GDA), Alba Local Energy Agency (ALEA), Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden, Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP), Vulgarian Small and Medium enterprises promotion agency, Anatoliki SA Development Agency Eastern Thessaloniki's Local Authorities and The Energy Agency of Rhineland-Palatinate.