Finerpol Project has been invited to participate in the second interregional seminar of Support Project, organized by IRENA.

The event will take place from March 13 to 16 in Seville (Spain) where European project partners and interested parties will talk about green public procurement and also about some opportunities and challenges related to ESCO.

The main topics will be green public procurement, ESCO and the EU's financial instruments. The interregional seminar is open to all interested public, especially to policy makers, managers of public buildings, experts from the energy sector, energy agencies, suppliers of energy-related services, universities and research centers interested in energy planning and all the users of energy.

On the last day, Finerpol will lead the EU financial instruments for energy efficiency workshop.In the second part of the day, round table participants will discuss on financial instruments available to support energy efficiency in public buildings, public infrastructure, residential sector and resource efficiency in enterprises.