The new state housing plan 2018-2021 presented by the Ministry of Development will enter into force this year will generate a strong boost to the financing of the energy rehabilitation of buildingsIn addition, it improves the aids for the rent of the previous plan (2013-2016) and incorporates grants for the elderly, young people and people with economic difficulties in accessing housing.

Spain is one of the EU countries with the lowest rates in the sustainable rehabilitation of buildings, something that will change thanks to the new Housing Plan 2018 - 2021. Among the main novelties is the package of aid for the rehabilitation of energy efficiency of single family homes.

  • Improvement of energy efficiency in homes

Its main objective is the financing of works to improve energy efficiency and sustainability, with special attention to the thermal envelope of the house, both in collective residential buildings, including their homes, and in single-family homes. It also includes the installation of heating systems, refrigeration, production of sanitary hot water and ventilation for thermal conditioning or increasing the energy efficiency of existing ones.

  • Promotion of conservation and improvement of accessibility in housing

The objective of this program is to finance the execution of works for the conservation and improvement of accessibility in single-family homes, whether urban or rural, in residential buildings of collective residential typology and in isolated dwellings located in buildings of collective residential typology.

  • Program to promote urban and rural regeneration and renewal

The purpose of this program is to finance the joint execution of rehabilitation works in buildings and homes, including single-family homes, urbanization or redevelopment of public spaces and, where appropriate, the construction of buildings or houses to replace buildings or homes demolished, within areas of action called regeneration area and urban or rural renewal previously delimited.

Who can benefit from this program?

Communities of owners, individuals, public and private companies (construction companies, energy services companies ...) all of which are owners of collective or single-family homes.

The amount of the aid depends on the state of the home whose antiquity must be before 1996:

  1. Amount of the aid Up to € 2,000 / housing (only conservation)
  2. Up to € 6,000 / housing (only accessibility or conservation and accessibility)
  3. Increase by BIC: € 1,000 / housing

With this new Housing Plan will expand from 13.6 to 18.2 million homes with aid for rehabilitation. These rehabilitation aids are aimed at reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission.