Agenex, lead partner of Finerpol, will participate on March 7 in the event "Financing of energy efficiency in Spain through European initiatives and programs", organized by the ENERINVEST project. It will be held at Torre Picasso (Madrid) from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The conference will present the current situation and evolution of initiatives and financing programs aimed at improving energy efficiency, which seek to leverage private financing. The principle of putting energy efficiency as the first element of action, established in the "Clean energy for all Europeans" package of the European Commission, is linked to the implementation of public-private financial instruments in this area, in addition to the multilevel implementation of energy efficiency policies throughout Europe.

In addition, during the second part of the event will be presented new initiatives funded under the funding programs of the European Commission, whose main objective is to promote energy efficiency (especially in buildings) by implementing new financing alternatives or methods to increase the trust of clients and financial institutions.

Javier Ordoñez, Head of International projects of Agenex, will be presenting a combination of European funds for rehabilitation financing.

ENERINVEST is the national reference platform for financing Sustainable Energy Projects; an information, meeting and dialogue platform between the main players in the sector with the aim of providing technical, legal and financial solutions to energy efficiency and renewable energy projects promoted both by the public sector and the private sector.