The meeting was co-organized by TEIWM, the Technical Chamber of Greece/Grevena division and the Grevena Prefecture last 22nd of February at the Grevena Prefecture Hall.

The final FINERPOL stakeholder meeting took place in the meeting room of the head of the Grevena prefecture, Mr Simandrakos Evangelos. The final title of the regional action plan is announced to the stakeholders group: “District heating projects with the utilization of biomass and Relevant resources for the exploitation of Renewable Energy Sources in public buildings at municipalities of Western Macedonia: The example of Deskati Grevenon. Subtitle: The connection to the policy instrument of Axis 4 of the ROP2014-2020 and the use of complementary Financial Instruments for the expansion of district heating in greater scale”. The agreement of the stakeholders is needed for the conclusion of the action plan. All the stakeholders agreed in the title and the conclusion of the specific action plan.

The event was attended by more than 30 participants, with a representation of different sectors. Among them, 11 members from 5 stakeholders of the FINERPOL project were present. The audience included the head of the Grevena Prefecture and vice-regional head, Mr Evangelos Simandrakos, the Mayor of Grevena town, Mr Georgios Dastamanis, the Mayor of Deskati, Mr Dimitrios Karastergios, the Mayor of Argos-Orestiko, Mr Kepaptsoglou, , the vice-regional head Mr Daskalopoulos, energy service companies, research institutes (e.g. CERTH), engineers, etc.