The Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX) has defended in Brussels a "standard and stable" legislation on photovoltaic self-consumption since legal and administrative barriers are "the most important impediments" to the development of this technology.

In this session, it has been reviewed the application of the legislative measures of the "Clean Energy package" for all Europeans, among which are those related to the promotion of self-consumption in buildings. Reaper has stressed that the financing of this technology is a "remarkable barrier", so he has proposed the creation of a guarantee fund to support the financing of these investments in the European Union. He also assured that the disclosure of this technology, "especially to domestic consumers, is another important point to raise awareness about the savings that can be achieved."

The director of AGENEX, Cosme Segador, has recommended to the European parliamentarians that they bet on the photovoltaic self-consumption "for the environmental and economic benefits that it can bring". In addition, he explained that this sector is one of the most value created in R & D, generating employment and contribution to the economy. And, in the case of Spain, in local employment, because 90% of the companies in the sector are micro-SMEs. Finally, Segador stressed the commitment to photovoltaic self-consumption in the European environment for the development of "almost null" energy consumption buildings. Extremadura collaborates with other countries of the European Union in the promotion of renewable technologies.

European projects

The participation of Agenex in the follow-up session of the Committee of Industry, Transport, Research and Energy (ITRE) of the European Parliament is due to the collaborations that Extremadura has underway with other countries of the European Union in the promotion of renewable technologies.

Specifically, Agenex leads the ENERSELVES initiative to identify and analyze the best mechanisms to support self-consumption in buildings. This project - "Political instruments for self-consumption of buildings- is financed by the Interreg Europe Program with 2 million euros for 4 years.

 Apart from Finerpol, Agenex leads another European initiative to promote self-consumption and energy efficiency in buildings, HousEEnvest (Horizon 2020).