The Finermap tool has been developed within the European project FINERPOL whose main objective is to promote new policies, or improve existing policies, to create financial instruments that aim to finance energy efficiency projects and renewable energy in buildings, with funds of the Junker Plan, financial institutions and the European Investment Bank to reactivate the construction sector, facilitating credit to housing developers and their owners.

Finermap is an easy-to-use online tool allows you to quickly and intuitively locate the best form of financing for energy renovation of buildings using financial instruments: loans, guarantees, capital, etc.

It is a georeferenced map that shows a selection of financial instruments for energy efficiency and renewable energy throughout the world.

Useful and intuitive map

The map currently has around 100 best practice but the goal is to reach 150. Each one is accompanied by detailed economic data of the financial instrument that can be filtered, enumerated, printed and downloaded.

The project partners have been in charge of identifying best practices best suited to local and regional circumstances, where financial performance and the impact on the reduction of carbon emissions have been key to their selection.