Last December 20 the Provincial Agency for Water Resources and Energy hosted a meeting with local stakeholders entitled "Financial and economic scenarios for energy retrofitting of the building heritage of the Autonomous Province of Trento".

In addition to the internal staff of the Agency, the meeting was attended by our intra-regional authority stakeholder group, in order to enhance the involvement of different departments of the Province, by Cassa del Trentino (the promotional bank of the Autonomous Province of Trento) and by a representative of the Sinloc company, that is the financial advisor selected after a public tender with Finerpol funds for supporting us in the elaboration of the Action Plan.

The meeting has been an opportunity to share the work done so far within the project, namely the best practices collection and their applicability in our context, the current scenario of energy consumption of buildings owned by the Province and the possible financial instruments to be deployed so that renovation takes place. Novel financial mechanisms which strength public-private partnership approaches seem to be the more effective (third party financing – Esco and EPC models – and associated activities for project developers) as some additional best practices collected by our advisor demonstrate.